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🎄 Tis' the season! Welcome to my first Christmas themed/ Winter themed post. This is my first Christmas on this blog. I will not be doing daily blog posts but I will be using the #blogmas on my blog. Anyways I've decided to jump onto the bandwagon and do a Christmas gift guide to start off. You've probably seen about 10 of these already (I know I have ;) but it really is a great way to find out what gifts to give your family.

I'm going to be making 2 posts. Gifts for Her (Teenagers and Adults) and Gifts for Him (Teenagers and Adults). The guide is mainly here to give you some inspiration on what you might get them. Let's get into it!


Personally I feel that deciding what to get a girl is easier than deciding what to get a guy (Though I'm probably biased since I am a girl). So whether it's your daughter, sister, girlfriend, mom or any other female, I'm pretty sure I've got you covered!

🎄 Hair Curler/Straightener set
Perfect for your average girl, a curling wand set would be a great gift to give! Whether hers is broken or you just are feeling generous, just go ahead. Here are some I found on Amazon ↓


🎄 Perfume Sets
These vary from person to person, try to find scents they'd like. Celebrity scents would be great if you can find out who her fave celeb is and if they've got one! I won't be linking one from Amazon below  - mainly because I just don't know which you or even I, would like.

This is simple enough, if she's a makeup lover get her some brushes or an eyeshadow palette, check out my 'Shop' tab for some cheap and decent ones!

🎄Nail polish
Personally I'm not much of a nail girl but if she is then go ahead and delve into the polish world (warning: you'll never be able to pick a colour so just go for a shade of red PS. there are hundreds of shades of red :)

Simple yes, but jewellery can be one of the best gifts you can easily give especially if you customise it. Maybe by adding her name or a locket with both you names if you are in a relationship.

🎄 Sponsor a child or animal
If she loves to help people set up an ongoing donation or 'sponsorship' of a child or animal! You'll be paying money monthly to help the child or animal in need.

🎄Personalised Anything!
phone case, family photo, mug, stickers, the list is endless! Personalise something and they'll treasure it for ever

Self explanatory I feel, I mean who doesn't like getting new socks in Winter?

Again simple yet great!

🎄New Phone
This ones pricey but if you're really willing to dish out a lot of cash for your loved one she will definitely appreciate it.

Winter clothes, Summer clothes or any fashionable item may be great for her. I wouldn't recommend it though as sales are usually on in January and you can get the best deals then 

🎄 Laptop
Pricey yet again. But if you know she's always on her laptop and possibly uses it for work, then why not give her an upgrade?

🎄Tickets to a concert/show
If she's into bands get her some tickets! If she's into the Arts find a show near you! These can be the best present you can give her.

Don't feel like you have to give a pricey gift, give from the heart not the wallet. But if it's what you want and what you know she would love then go straight ahead. And remember, if you're struggling with what to give try this rule 
Something to wear,
Something to read,
Something they want,
Something they need.

Credit due to the person on Twitter who posted about this '4 present rule'. Hope you enjoyed this short post and I'll see you next time with my Gift Guide for Him. Which will hopefully be up in the next few days. Check out my contact me page for my links and my Shop page for some more inspiration. Love you all X

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