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I made this blog in January 2016, that's when I posted my very first post. But I have to say I would consider August my real first month of blogging regularly. Because of me leaving my blog for months until August, I hadn't really thought of setting New Years resolutions or goals for this blog. Subconsciously though, I did have goals for this blog. And today I'm going to be sharing the ones I achieved. Maybe in January 2017, I'll set some resolutions for this blog. For now, let's get into some of the goals I never thought it would be possible for lil' old me (the most boring person I know) to achieve.

I wouldn't be here right now, without all of you who read my tiny blog. Yes I am a small blogger, but you don't know how much it means to me that some of you take the time to read my posts. Merry Christmas X 

Goals I achieved:

❄️ Reaching 30 page views on a post.
The first time I reached that many page views on a post, I was in shock. I couldn't believe that that many people would click on my post. It was the best feeling ever.

❄️ Getting a comment.
I don't get comments very often but when I do it makes me so happy, I always check out the persons blog too of its linked and I try to comment on theirs too. It really helps us bloggers to realise that someone actually enjoyed the post we spent time writing. That shows us it's worth it.

❄️ Being accepted into Google Adsense 
This was my biggest milestone. Of course blogging is not about money for me but it does feel great when you're making money doing what you love and I wanted to be a part of that club.

❄️ Twitter
When I first made my blogs Twitter I wasn't active at all until 2 weeks ago (30 November I think) Now I have around 70 followers and people just like me -teen bloggers - to connect with. Twitter makes me happy, coming home from school to see I have a like or RT or follow. You wouldn't understand how much that means to me. I also love reading blog posts on Twitter and it really helps when I post a link to a post. (Are you here from a twitter link I posted? Comment!)

❄️ Reaching 500 pageviews on my blog
I'm so proud of my self that I managed to reach 500 page views. I'm now on 800 and 1k isn't that far away!

❄️ Getting views from all over the world
It's incredible to me that I have people all over the world who read my blog. Top 5 places I reach in order highest to lowest would be, Ireland (where I used to live) USA, The U.K., France & Germany. It's weird to know I have the power to reach people in all those countries and more (Russia,Spain, Belarus, Italy, Mexico to name a few more)

Those are just a few goals I achieved in 2016. They may be small to you but they mean everything to me. Thank you.

Hope you enjoyed X If you'd like to chat my links are on my "Contact Me" page. Comment some posts you'd like to see and don't forget to check out my "Shop" page by clicking the shop tab above! Love you lots xx

PS I am not doing daily posts but I will be tagging my posts as blogmas2016.

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