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Hey! Today I'm just going to be doing a little update on myself, I've decided I'll do these once in a month or so.. Warning this is gonna be quite a long one x

Where do I start? Well I started school on the 29th of August (I'm in secondary school if you're wondering) and it was great! I met up with all my friends again, and I really enjoyed it. Though if I'm honest I'm ignoring a pile of homework to my right :/

All summer my family and I had been planning to move, we weren't really sure where yet (We were looking at a couple cities nearby) My mom and I went to at least a dozen viewings and sent in references and stuff but all were unsuccessful. Then we thought about England! (Currently in Ireland btw) We visited some close friends in Manchester Summer 2015 and LOVED it! My mom had always loved Birmingham but when we found out it was the second largest city in the Uk we knew it wasn't for us.

We then started looking at Manchester and a friend of my moms friend (sounds complicated i know lol) who lived in a large town quite close to Manchester helped us look for houses there! We got one! Their are lots of improvement the landlord has to do but so far so good! My mom is going to England in a few days to sign the contract and look around and do some stuff for with the council.  We started packing today and I should be there in a couple weeks!

I'm really nervous and excited and sad and there are so many mixed emotions! But I've been looking and googling schools and places in the town (which is about 20 mins to Manchester city) and it just looks amazing! 

So do any of you live in the UK? x
Hope you enjoyed xx
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Love you all x

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  1. Great post!
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my blog www.rochellefox.com.au and my latest VLOG

    1. Thank you!x I just checked out your blog. It looks great!


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