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Whether it's the eyeshadow you've had at the back of your makeup drawer for months or the  mascara that you never really liked , All makeup does have an expiry date sadly - we knew it wouldn't last for ever :'(

Usually powder based makeup products last longer than liquid ones. That's good news for your powders and bad news for your foundations.

So not sure when your makeup will expire? Then this is the post for you.

Mascara - 3 months 

This was really surprising to me! Only 3 months? Well you better throw away all your old mascaras or you're putting your self at risk of an eye infection.
This photo was taken by me, if you would like to use it contact me here

 Eyeshadow - 2 years

Liquid Foundation - 6 months > 1 year

Now this really just depends on the foundation but what i have written up there is a basic average

Powder - 2 years

As you can see there is a theme with the powder based products lasting longer than liquids

Lip Gloss - 1 year

Liquid Eyeliner - 6 months > 12 months

As I was checking out my eyeliners I noticed that the felt tips in the photo below (Rimmel London Scandal Eyes) said they lasted  12 months and the liquids lasted 6 months.

Blush/Bronzer - 2 years

That's all I have for now hope you enjoyed xx

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